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By | May 15, 2017

Hawaii Honolulu resorts

Hawaii Honolulu

What comes first when talking about the Hawaiian Islands? The ocean that splashes at the golden sandy beaches surrounded by swaying palm trees in the wind? Of course! Hawaii famous for the best ocean beaches in the world, a paradise island created for enjoying in the sun of the tropical beaches, drinks juices, sipping a cocktail of daiquiris and surfing. Even for those people, who do not like beaches possible be happy at Hawaiian Islands (The scorching sun, salt in the body and sand everywhere!) Do not like the beaches – it does not matter: there are many opportunities for recreation and do not necessarily happen on the beaches. Here are a few options:

Hawaii (Big Island)

Mauna Kea

vacation and Travel to Hawaii (Big Island) Mauna Kea

The height of this dormant volcano is 4205 meters above the level of the sea, and this is the highest point of the Hawaiian Islands. Here is a magnificent view, so it is not surprising that there are many astronomical telescopes on the snowy peaks. Experienced climbers can climb 20 km, enjoying the unearthly landscape of conical formations of frozen lava and ancient archaeological sights.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Book the tour to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

If you would like to see the active volcano, head southwest into a unique national park, where the world’s most active Kilauea volcano is continuously erupting.  Outside the park, depending on the weather conditions, one can observe how molten lava flows right into the ocean (making Big Island bigger and bigger from year to year). Even if the goddess of volcanoes Pele does not want to cooperate, the park has many interesting attractions: the formation of frozen lava, smoking craters, rainforest. Rangers offer various excursions and other types of recreation

The island of Kauai

Canyon of Waimea tour at Hawaii

Canyon of Waimea travel

The gigantic abyss in the heart of Kauai is one of the wonders of nature: the red and black striped walls of volcanic stone contrast with the lush green forests that cover the summit and create an exciting spectacle. The name came from the river Waimea, flowing in the lower part. The canyon was formed as a result of erosion and a partial collapse of one of the walls of the volcano. In the State Park of the Waimea Canyon, there are wonderful views of the hills of Na-Pali, there are many walking tours through the canyon and around it, and dessert lovers will definitely like it.


Helicopter flight over the island of Kauai What can be more exciting than the helicopter flying over the Isle of Kauai, most of which is covered by forests and mountains, which complicates travel by land transport. A large number of helicopter companies (located mostly in Lihue) offer air tours over the mountain Waialeale, dotted with waterfalls. The volcano is the central part of the island and one of the wettest places on Earth, and to the sheer cliffs of Na-Pali can only be reached by kayak.



Molokai resorts Hawaii

Molokai resort Hawaii

The National Historical Park of Kalaupapa’s Hansen (Leprosy) disease, or leprosy, was brought to Hawaii by strangers in 1835 and quickly spread to the islands. King Kame came V tried to stop the epidemic and ordered all those infected on this remote peninsula, outstanding from the towering sea cliffs (the highest in the world) in the northern part of the island of Molokai. This place was the last refuge of unhappy exiles. About 40 years later, the traveler –  Belgian Cristian missionary Father Damian came here for a visit and stayed in that place for 16 years, and when he died of contracting this disease (Father Damian become canonized by the Catholic Church in 2009). The law on forced isolation was finally abolished in 1969. Today, there are elderly citizens here, all ex-exiles. To see the village, the church named after Father Damian and the place of his burial, you must book a tour in advance. The flight to the peninsula takes about 8 minutes, and you can also reach the mile on steep slopes, passing a crinkle route in the rocks of a long 3.2 km.


Oahu Island

The sharp peak of frozen volcanic lava, closes Waikiki, a suburb of Honolulu on the southern coast of the island of Oahu, where famous beaches and numerous hotels are located. To get to the summit it will take an hour or a little less, the paved road stretches for 1.3km, at the mark of 232m a magnificent view of Waikiki opens.

Memorial to the battleship “Arizona,” The tragic events of December 7, 1941, are perpetuated in Pearl Harbor, that was located near Honolulu. Battleship “Arizona” is in the same place where it sank, becoming a grave for thousands of American sailors who were killed during the Japanese troop’s attack. The memorial was opened in 1962. It is located above the sunken ship, in the shallow water the remains of the battleship are visible; On the marble wall inside are engraved the names of the heroically dead. A visit to Pearl Harbor will leave an indelible impression and a reminder of the historical events taking place here


Maui Island and Haleakala National Park

Maui hawaii travel

Maui travel

Over the past two centuries, the tribes of the island of Maui, engaged in agriculture and livestock breeding, have significantly changed the volcanic soil and steep pastures of Mount Haleakala and the spirit of the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys) is still strongly felt in cities such as the village Makawao. A trip to the steep slopes of the Kula region takes place during castle and ranch times. There are you can watch vineyards with shops in the basement, goat dairy farms and huge lavender farms (with a cafe and a gift shop where food or cosmetics are anything that only one can imagine or think about, – made from lavender). If you continue the trip, you can get to the winding and open to all winds road leading to the top of Mount Haleakala, whose height is 3055m. From there you can see surreal, moon-like landscapes with unique flora, for example, a volcano flower blooming for ten years. It can be found only here, and you can look down at the clouds that fill the outstanding craters of volcanoes. If you can get up early or stay awake late, be sure to reserve a place on tour to enjoy great dawn from the top; You can take your bike with you, climb to the top will not be easy, but you can just roll down.



This colorful city was the whaling capital of the Pacific Ocean and first capital of the Hawaiian Islands before Honolulu. Ships came here to pick up cargo and crew, and just a little rest. Dance clubs, bars, and brothels that have brightened up the leisure time of whalers were replaced by the best restaurants in Maui, art galleries, where every Friday there are free “nights of art” with bars with live music from traditional Irish to jazz and, of course, souvenir shops Hawaii). Despite this, the seafaring traditions of Lahaina were not forgotten, there are many excursions, during which you can admire the whales.

hawaii lahayna travel

hawaii Lahaina – book travel

As you could see the Hawaiian Islands has a lot of travel treasure for tourists and people who like voyages to the wild natures, tropical places and beautiful ocean beaches with a variety of adventures. From another side – Hawaii is one of the states of USA with whole robust industrial of tourism and trip services, wealthy and impressive place. Here are you can find resorts and hotel for the vacation you needs. Doesn’t matter would you prefer book cheap camping or bungalow, or would like to have an awesome Hawaiian honeymoon for two in the five stars hotel. Also, don’t forget about unforgettable Hawaiian cruises at the great and magic Cruice Ship there. Book Hawaiian Travel you wish and enjoy your vacation.

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