Cruise to Hawaii

By | May 19, 2017

For the nerves, worn out by work and megapolis, the very thing! We are from New York, and we travel every six months. This time we decided to visit Hawaii. And my friends advised and the reviews are fantastic. But since I wanted to see a lot, and move from hotel to hotel, fly from island to island, and sit at airports for hours – did not want a single drop, we decided that we would take a cruise.

Chose a cruise with NCL on cruise liner America Pride

Cruise to Hawaii NCL American Pride

Cruise to Hawaii NCL American Pride

After an endless flight, they moved to the smog-covered Los Angeles, another night in flight, and in the first rays of the sun rising from the ocean we see a miracle! In the middle of the emerald abyss, there is a volcano with a torn peak. Inside the crater, all green, and around splashed clear turquoise waves under white foam. Nearby there is a joyful and bright city drowning in greenery and sandy beaches.

Honolulu met us with a sea breeze, a gentle sun, a lack of stuffiness, tanned and smiling inhabitants.

Hawaii is the last state of America, but the first thing we heard in a taxi on the way from the airport – “Hawaii is not America!” – Could you imagine that? Then we listened to a long lecture on the whole road about globalism and corporate rights, which create difficulties for the tourism industry in Hawaii and employees of the Hawaiian resorts

Where to have rested on Waikiki – interesting places, restaurants and resorts

We spent a day enjoying interesting places of Waikiki and have a rest there, walking around Waikiki. What were we surprised there, that is on Waikiki resorts a lot of Japanese? Very!!! Hawaii is considered the most expensive state in America, but it seemed cheaper than our NY. The streets are clean and completely safe wherever you are. Even on a deserted beach at night, you never can’t afraid of grabbers or other accidents.

Cruise to Hawaii

It is customary to give 15% of the tip or 10% if the bill is large. In New York, a year ago, when we gave 15%, the waiters approached and insolently asked; – “Did you not like something?” And showed their displeasure brushing the tablecloth in front of the nose, it was very unpleasant.

We stopped at the Aston hotel, almost right on the beach. $ 150 a night and a view from a window for a million dollars. But we did not expect such confusion. Crowds, crowds, crowds, Asians everywhere – in corridors, elevators, restaurants. And for breakfast and dinner and … always. Br.

The restaurants at affordable prices and with excellent food. We fell in love for the first time in the Restaurant-Oceanarium. Imagine a huge aquarium in which exotic fish, stingrays, and mermaid Hawaii swim. She is a character actor of that restaurant – without scuba, underwater, like a fish. She shakes to you with a pen and a tail.

Dinner at the restaurant for two people at Waikiki cost $90, including tips, fried scallops, whole Kamchatka crabs, squid baked in the batter, excellent steak, local fish, fried shrimp, cakes, strawberries in hot chocolate, and all this in huge quantities. They got up from the table with difficulty.

In the evening, there is a mini show on Waikiki. Those sexy Hawaiians girls dancing wagging hips, making men awkwardly cringe, nearby handsome Hawaiians men with spears and swords make a fiery show, then salutes – the city never sleeps and lives the busy life of a world resort.

There is a terrible impression of Japanese restaurants. No, they prepare something wonderful. But the attitude! We heard the opinion that the Japanese are Nazis and do not consider anyone other than the Japanese for people, (previously believed that the allegation was false), but here they were faced with a clear ignorance of white clients. Those. We were clearly shown that the Japanese are here first. It was shocking. The Americans at the next table, after forty minutes (!) Expectations, began to resent and we, too, at the end began to swear. We never come back to that Japanese restaurant on Waikiki resorts.

A trip by taxi to Honolulu

In the morning we took a taxi, it turned out that the taxi there is VERY expensive! In an hour they take 120 dollars! Taxi drivers are polite, but the counter ticked eerily! People are open and friendly, always smiling and sincerely trying to help. Very different from Americans in other cities. Nobody tries to impose anything on you, and everything is very kind and pleasant to the heart and soul.

We got with the suitcases to the ship. We planned a cruise in New York, but our agencies for private cabins asked for almost $3200! My husband is the skilled and able tour manager, and he went to NCL official site and found the same cabin already for $2700! The cabin was chosen internal (without portholes) because it was decided that in the morning we would leave, and return at night. And the difference in money is better spent on excursions, and yourself loved ones. Tips: When you were booking the cruise to Hawaii, check prices for your cruise here and take your best cruise deal with the most available variety of cheap cruise packages.

Cruise Liner – awesome rest and activity on cruise ship America Prime (NCL)

On the liner, you are in paradise. Sports halls, fitness, SPA, swimming pools, saunas, restaurants, French, Italian, American-for every taste and cuisine are excellent. For the Italian and French restaurant, you have to pay the little bit extra. Also, for alcohol drinks, tourists should pay extra for 25-30 dollars, for example, if you bought the bottle of wine ashore and brought it to the restaurant of the cruise ship. The menu is unbelievable. And the fish in any form, and steak, and … all that dreams. But what about disco – it’s a shame to America!

Cruise to Hawaii

Last year we took a cruise to the Caribbean and tours that were offered on the ship. According to the experience of last year, we did not really like it, because I know English by a heel, and there was a large group of American pensioners. While they are on their crutches and strollers to the bus are arrived, while they creep in, sit down, sweat. And behind them are screaming children. As a result, we got a crumpled, tedious and difficult transported excursion for us. I am a businesswoman, and as a former lawyer, I undertook the organization of trips and tours. From the sad experience, I knew how important it is to have an excellent guide. It depends on him and the mood and impressions of the trip! I checked all three times, read all the forums and testimonials, and found even there the Good travel agency which hooked both the routes and description. And as always – not mistaken!

I wanted to see everything and without a crush, break and waiting, then when it is convenient for us, that’s why we took our individual “Local-Hawaii” unique tour “Mysterious Hawaii” across all the islands.

The cruise allows you to see the maximum with the greatest comfort. In the daytime, you are in the same city, and you go on an excursion, you know the best, in the evening you return to your ship. No need to look for a restaurant, a taxi, then go to the hotel, then transfer to the airport with suitcases, waiting, check-in queues, flights, new taxis, and hotels … No more flour. Every two days we had a new island, and every day, a new city. You see more, you pay less, and there are no hardships and no motions. Besides, the routes by which we went with our guides were apparently passing by the routes of huge tourist buses.

After Honolulu, we approached Maui. Maui is considered the best island for “living” as close to paradise. There lives the largest number of millionaires per capita of the American population. And after a visit to Hawaiian Maui Island, it becomes clear why.

Hawaii Tours – Maui Island Places

After Honolulu, we approached Maui. Maui is considered the best island for living as close to paradise. There lives the largest number of millionaires per capita of the American population. And after a visit, it becomes clear why.

Cruise to Hawaii Maui

Imagine a tropical island with ideal highways, all in flowers, with endless sandy beaches, super-restaurants, very cozy, beautiful and well maintained. What color and violence of colors and contrasts! There is no isolation in New Zealand (they are very similar). There are all the benefits of civilization and the comfort and delights of a tropical island with an ideal climate and ocean. No traffic jams on the chic routes. All polite people, including drivers, are allowed to go everywhere and cheerfully waved.

The mountains were amazing with majesty! And clouds – white, gray, violet, fluffy and change their shape and color every minute! Maui met us with walls of bright ruby colors and indescribable smells. The population is white Americans and prosperous businessmen from all over the world.

We ordered the “Crater Valley” tour from the same agency, and at 9 am, the already familiar Hawaiian Guide Kahui was waiting for us at the exit from the port. And our tour “Mysterious Hawaii” began.

Valley of the Craters hawaii cruise

The road ran along the coast, through tunnels of solid bright and dense greenery, but sometimes the driver suddenly turned to completely inconspicuous branches, and our eyes opened unusual pictures-lagoons, bays, quaint rocks, waterfalls, tall mountains or some sacred places for Hawaiians. They ate incredible sashimi in sauce and caviar of flying fish. Magical to the taste and literally, melts in the mouth.

We have seen surfers on huge waves, a small octopus wandering about his business next to our feet in the water, swimming with turtles, sunbathing, and in the evening, hit on Mars.

There is a wonderful Valley of the Craters at the very top of the mountains, I did not want to go, it was hard to carry mountain roads, and the guide warned that the road was winding, but … they persuaded me with my husband.

How lovely! The road goes through the impenetrable jungle, then our mixed forest, along with the lawns and hills (just like in New Zealand). You rise and go through the thick clouds, higher and higher, and you are already in heaven, and the whole world and the endless ocean are under you!

Cross the tundra with dwarf trees and get into a fantasy world … The moon or Mars

Valley of the Craters

Valley of the Craters

Unearthly Landscapes with unusual colors look like aluminum balls, but very gentle to the touch. Flowers are unique and grow only there, amidst black sand and bare red rocks! Hawaiians believe that these flowers are the temporary home of the souls of their departed ancestors. A fascinating sight! Balls reach a size of up to a meter in diameter!

In the evening, we stopped at the Center of the Ocean, looked at the sharks – terrible predators with dead eyes, and on the other, more joyful inhabitants of the seas, and tired and satisfied returned to the ship.

The next day they took a tour of “Safari” to the island of Lanai. We were Always planning and dreamed of play and swimming with dolphins. So, for this trip necessary to get up at half past five. At 5-30 am sat in the car guide and rushed across the island to the ferry. About seven sailed off and enjoyed the view of the mountains and the ocean from the second floor of the ferry. Almost immediately saw a pair of dolphins three meters from the side! It was unexpected, and I did not have time to take its picture.

Valley of the Craters hawaii

We got to the island, trails went to the chic beach and climbed into the soft emerald water.

We continued our Hawaiian cruise, and the next morning they were already on the Big Island – Volcano Island. The first day in the town of Gila. There was a tiny village with extremely nice and friendly locals. We took a tour all from the same tourist agency and went to the waterfall.

Of course, with the New Zealand waterfall 300 meters high, you can not compare. If it’s just a beautiful view, then in New Zealand the steamer even comes under the stream of a waterfall, and it was magical. After that, we went to Volcanoes Park. And here, we, it is necessary to admit, were merely stunned.

Although they read and saw the programs are different, they knew where they were going, but they did not expect such power and horror. The large power of nature – it becomes scary. The rivers and lakes of petrified lava, waves, arches, everything changes every kilometer.

Craters are different, smoke from all sides.

Then they passed through the underground tunnel to the burned lava, the sensations are eerie-go, and above you, water runs from the cracks of the lava tunnel and the vaults crackle. We were in a geyser (cool!) And descended to the ocean coast. It’s not far, about 70 kilometers from the craters. There are stunning cliffs about which break huge waves and a fragile arch.

Of course, my husband climbed over the fences and jumped on one leg on the edge of this height while I shuddered with fear! And the wind, by the way, carried off his feet! From the principle of not taking pictures!

Cruise to Hawaii.

We returned to Hilo, had lunch, bathed in the Lagoon of the Return of Youth

In a few time we went to a place from where, as the guides say, you can see how the lava flows down. Guide discouraged, but to whom we will believe – him, or guidebooks with beautiful photos !? As a result, we could not see any bright red sizzling stream descending into the waves. Firstly, there it is necessary to go there that it would be dark, and in the second to go still an hour and a half knocking down your legs that would not even see the lava itself, but its reflections. The usual deception is for tourists.

The next day, the liner moored on the other side of the island, to the town of Kona. We first went to Captain Cook’s Harbor. A magical place. The smell of history everywhere. Here, the aborigines ate it, and on the opposite shore of the cape stands a huge monument in his honor.

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